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freshly cut lawn in a backyard of someone home.

Lawn Care Services In Salem, Oregon

Residential Lawn Care Services

Oasis Landscape is a leader in the residential lawn care industry here in Salem, OR & the greater Willamette Valley. We'll work with you to create a custom lawn care program that fits your lawn & landscape. First, we'll visit with you to go over your property and discuss exactly what it is your looking for. From there, we'll create a lawn care service program that fits your property. Then, we'll explain to our professional staff what you envisioned. No worries, they have countless hours of training. After that, comes the easiest part, you sit down and enjoy!

Commercial Lawn Care Services

The largest component of most commercial landscapes is the grass. That's why we utilize the most technically advanced and efficient mowing equipment. We work diligently to reduce the use of synthetic fertilizers and weed control. We ensure your lawns are healthy and as drought tolerant as possible through the use of  weather based irrigation. If  your commercial property is primarily flower beds, you have nothing to worry about, with over a decade in business, and countless hours of training you can rest assure our craftspeople are not just professionals but rather experts in their line of work. We understand the importance of your establishment, our commercial landscaping services are designed to ensure your business's exterior is as professional & inviting as the services you provide inside.

Proven Studies:

Countless studies have shown that grass & plants need routine maintenance such as mowing, trimming, proper fertilization, and regular irrigation to keep green, healthy and lush. If you skimp on routine lawn care services, your landscape will look deficient when your landscape starts to thin out, become dominated by weeds, or becomes overgrown. Luckily for you, we use scientific approaches, as well as old fashion methods to create a stunning view.

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