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White concrete patio with a swimming pool and chairs.

Our Guarantee

From the moment we started in the lawn care service industry we were taught a few very important principles that not only shaped the idea of our guarantee, but our landscape company in general. Today, many of those same core values and beliefs are still being implemented. As a tightened family-owned business, we work with one goal in mind; to give every single customer the best possible lawn care experience.


Here's our guarantee to you: You are the judge, if our work is not excellent, we will redo the item in question for FREE of charge...

There's more, if the item in question still does not meet your expectations, we will pay another lawn care company of your choice to fix the item in question. There are no loopholes, no excuses, we simply feel like if you have spent your hard-earned money with us, you should get what you deserve. Nothing is more important to us than your complete satisfaction.

The guarantee includes for work to be re-done and/or re-serviced due to poor craftsmanship. Oasis Landscape LLC shall not be held liable due to change-of-mind purchased materials. Oasis Landscape LLC shall not be held responsible for planting grass, sod or plants (unless the property has an irrigation system).

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